Why Boys Will Be Girls

Entry 8 | 21 March 2012 | 20:50

Rhetorical Précis:

Hunter S. Thompson’s “Why Boys Will Be Girls” examines how tradition and (then) current events shaped the Hippy culture of the 1960’s as well as the reaction from the establishment of the appalling youth generation. (1) Like most of his works, this Thompson piece uses the skeleton of the collapse of masculinity among males to frame the meat of the discussion, much like an essay; after a brief explanation of free love culture, the author presents the opinions of those who view this new social movement as poisonous, and then proceeds to disassemble the aforementioned arguments using the same ideology of the hippies. Every ten to twenty years, a  highly popular social group forms and they all have dovetailing interests in drugs and anti-establishment sentiments; this article will always be relevant, as long as humans continue to judge one another. Thompson’s style in this article often times strays a bit too far from the main premise of the article with his facetious musings, but he always brings his main points together at the end, and never fails to entertain his audience.


If one were to simply read the first half of this article without any prior knowledge of Thompson, one would consider him to be Limbaugh’s father, a raving conservative only concerned with keeping radical liberalism at bay. That is one thing that I appreciate most about this article. Thompson has an uncanny ability to draw reader’s in with written impersonations of one side, usually that of right-wing individuals, and delivering a stunning blow with logic or facts that blow the opposition’s arguments out of the water. However, some may still see though Thompson’s heavy sarcasm. The author’s claim that nothing is truly new or refreshing with the hippy culture also resonates with me. The United States goes through never ending cycles of hatred and social pioneering; people are never content in this country, because we have been taught to believe that someone or something is always out to get us. Whether this be communism or peaceful hippies, the U.S. is always at war. This sentiment makes it incredibly easy for people who are thinking differently or exercising their first amendment rights to be considered an enemy of the integrity of democracy or whatever. Thompson points out this fundamental problem with The Establishment in his article through ranting sprinkled with humor; perhaps not the most effective way to deliver an opinion, but it is an opinion that I agree with.

(1) Thompson, Hunter S. “Why Boys Will Be Girls,” Pageant: (Aug. 1967): 93-101. http://totallygonzo.org/gonzowriting/rare-articles/

Scroll down to “Why Boys Will Be Girls” – Hutner S. Thompson (Pageant Aug. 1967) to view the full article.

5 thoughts on “Why Boys Will Be Girls

  1. Youre right. Without any prior knowledge of this writer, I think he is very interesting. His views are not totally outrageous, but theyre close. What he writes about is really interesting and gets a reader to think about their own view. It’s cool. His titles are hilarious by the way.

  2. This entry is interesting in the sense that it allows the reader to develop an understanding of the overall style of Thompson’s works. As shown through the detailed precis, most of his works often develop into a larger subject at hand which allows the reader to expand further than the premise of the original article which I can appreciate.

  3. I like the fact that this type of article will always be revelent to human soceity, it is everlasting and can relate to any time period. As well as any time period, it can relate to almost any social group because they all have their social problems with people fighting and putting each other down to get to the top.

  4. I agree with the statement that there will never be a time where everyone is satisified with the foundation and system of the country. There will always be that person who needs to play the devil’s advicit and rain on everyone else’s parade.

  5. I find this columnist’s views hilarious, outrageous, but also true. Thompson’s point that every few decades a new counterrevolution arises. In the 60s the popular culture revolved around the free love hippies, in the 80s the rock scene took over, and now the “hipsters” are permeating through the ideals of American youth culture. I also agree with Thompson that masculinity has been decreasing in our culture throughout the years, but I do not necessarily find this to be a bad thing. With the fall of masculinity came more equality for women, especially in the workplace. However, I do achknowledge Thompson’s point. This article is summarized well, and also the reaction is clear and has a lot of insight, well done.

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