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March 12, 2012

Shotgun Golf With Bill Murray

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Rhetorical Précis

Hunter S. Thompson’s “Shotgun Golf with Bill Murray” offers up a ludicrous solution to the declining popularity, and subsequent prevalence, of professional hockey in the United States. (1) The majority of the piece consists of the dialogue of a late night phone call between Thompson and Bill Murray, a good friend, which outlines the commercial success of Thompson’s new sport, shotgun golf. In a world where every boy and man ages 14-55 practically bets their life on their carefully sculpted fantasy football teams, Thompson interjected something into the overcharged sports world that has been long overdue – a sense of humor. Nothing is taken too seriously in this column, and the author’s use of constant sarcasm and out-of-this-world ideas serve him well in producing a highly entertaining article.


Thompson and I seem to share at least one trait; we both lack a sense curiosity in the sport of professional ice hockey. The beginning of this article, which briefly touches on the disappearance of the NHL, presents an issue that might cause the heartstrings of millions to tremble with anguish. However, he immediately casts away that issue as trivial when compared to a much more important development in the sports world – shotgun golf. Some journalism is meant to inform and educate, but not all of it must be as dry as a regular report on agricultural economics in rural Indiana. Thompson’s insanity shines through in “Shotgun Golf”, and is a refreshing drink of water when most columnists who claim to be sensational and interesting spend most of their time calling the president a terrorist. Thompson wore a political hat as well, but this article proves that he could also be entertaining, and not exhausting.

(1) Thompson, Hunter S. “Shotgun Golf With Bill Murray,” (2005): accessed March 7, 2012,

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